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Hannaton 2016 Sale Catalogue Now Available

Our ram sale catalogue is now available to download

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Hannaton to offer CFA stud Ewes

This year at our on property rams sale we will be offering cast for age stud Poll Merino and Merino Ewes

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Hannaton Merinos.  Top performing rams,

Hannaton 2012 Hamilton Sheepvention Sale Team


from front...





Hannaton 2012 Hamilton Sheepvention Sale Team




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At Hannaton Merinos we are passionate about breeding the best performing commercial genetics for our clients. Our focus is on increasing productivity and profitability in all areas of sheep production. Hannaton Merinos have been recognized through their clients continual success in trials, off shear sales and on farm performance in a diverse range of environments. (see highlights page)

Hannaton Merinos are built on a solid foundation with a reputation of over 90 years of quality but continue to evolve with a balanced approach to improving wool, frame and fertility. The current breeding program combines performance measurement with performance in the paddock with a sole focus on commercial profitability.

Hannaton is focused on producing a true dual purpose sheep with recent emphasis on a plainer bodied earlier maturing sheep while maintaining our renowned wool cut and quality.

We welcome any further enquiries you may have and extend an invitation to visit our property to inspect our stock at any time. We hope in the future you will join our many successful Hannaton clients and see how our genetics can improve the performance on your farm.

Clients continual success...


Ram Sales...

hannaton merino & poll merino stud

AASMB Registered flock number 1694 | AASMB Registered poll flock number P804
Ovine Brucellosis-free accredited flock number 2112
Australian Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program certificate number VS1222 Monitored Negative 3 (MN3)
OJD Assurance Based Credit (ABC) points, 6.