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2018 Sheepvention Sale Team

This years sale team is looking fantastic

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Hannaton Ewes Top Auctions Plus Sale

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2013 Hamilton Sheepvention

Offering 4 Poll Merino Rams and 1 Merino Ram
Inspection Monday 5th August
Sale Tuesday 6th August 2013

Sale Team

Lot 1 Hannaton 12-045 Poll *DNA Test - Double Copy Poll

Sire - Glenlea Park 670

Micron-20.4    SD-3.7    CV-18.1    CF-99.6    Curv-38    SF-19.4 

Lot 2 Hannaton 12-015 Poll

Sire - Hannaton Specialist

Micron-18.6    SD-3.2    CV-17.2    CF-100    Curv-52    SF-17.6

Lot 3 Hannaton 12-009 Poll

Sire - Glenlea Park 670

Micron-16.0    SD-2.3    CV-14.4    CF-100    Curv-51    SF-14.8

Lot 4 Hannaton 12-033 Poll *DNA Test - Double Copy Poll

Sire - Hannaton 10-040

Micron-16.6    SD-2.6    CV-15.7    CF-100    Curv-59    SF-15.5

Lot 5 Hannaton 12-052 Horn

Sire - Roseville Park 14

Micron-16.2    SD-2.6    CV-16.0    CF-99.9    Curv-50    SF-15.2