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Hanaton 150093 on top in Balmoral Trial

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Hannaton 200155

An AI bred son of Wallaloo Park 172070 and out of a Special Stud daughter of Hannaton 150093 he is ticking all the boxes for us. High post weaning weight at 130% of our stud average and the highest measured raw data fat depth in the drop he is a fantastic doing type. A great early maturing ram he was 102kg in June and 22kg above the sale ram average at the time.  His fleece test is also outstanding 18.3 Micron, 3.4 SD, 99.3 Comfort Factor and Curvature of 51.  While he has an industry leading set of figures the most exciting part of this ram is his visual appeal.  Fantastic quality wool and perfect on his feet with a great barrel and a back end that we are aiming for on all our sheep.  We intend on using him heavily in the poll stud and in the new non-mulesed family as well. Genomics tested PP. 

Semen is available at $50 dose.



Leahcim 182249 (Lucky)

Last September we travelled to Snowtown SA to have a look at the Leahcim on property sale line up.  We have previously used semen from the stud with success and fell in love with lot 13 in their sale, lucky for us.  Such a well balanced ram with fantastic visual and measured traits.  Great bone and shape with a super long staple and bold wool.  This combined with his outstanding ASBVs for growth, fat, and muscle as well as wool cut and staple length .  He is also a trait leader for reducing breech wrinkle and reduces breech cover.  He really ticked all the boxes!!  We purchased him for equal top price in the sale.  We joined him individually in December in our main joining and loved him so much we used him again in March over our ewe lambs.  We have just marked 99 lambs from the December joining from 73 ewes (136%) and already love their shape. 

Leahcim retained semen to use themselves and we have semen available for $50 a dose

Leahcim 182249

His stylish wool on sale day


Hannaton "Boss" 180132

Sire: Hannaton 16-0261

Dam: Hannaton 14-0609

Micron – 20.5 SD - 3.3 CV – 15.3 SF -20.0 Curv – 69 CF – 99.2%  GFW% 142  PWW% 145

Introducing the BOSS! We are very excited about this ram and using him extensively in the stud. Hannaton “Boss” (180132) may be the best combination of phenotype and genotype we have ever produced. With early growth and presence that has made him stand out from weaning. Great structure and bold, white wool. He is in the top 5% of merino select for yearling weight and a trait leader for fleece weight. He measures in the top 5% for merino production and in the top 1% dual purpose index. While also being +1 for fat and muscle and a micron reducer. A true dual purpose sheep!



Hannaton 12-0046 "Jet Star"

Sire - Hannaton 11-0002

Grandsire - Ridgeway 1137 (sold for $25,000 at Classing Classic 2010)

Micron – 16.6 SD - 2.8 CV – 16.9 SF -15.6 Curv – 41 CF – 100

We believe "Jet Star" has the best wool of any poll sire ever bred at Hannaton.  This stylish, deep crimping wool is white and nourished from the top of his head to the tip of his tail.  A super soft and productive skin is pushing out both fibre density and  staple length.  Identified early as a lamb, "Jet Star" has been retained in the stud and we intend to use him extensively in our polls.  He stands with a deep and very square frame with a proud outlook that makes you notice him every time he walks in the yards.  For such a heavy cutting ram he also has a bare breech and very low breech wrinkle making him a real sire for the future.

Jet Star was naturally mated to 100 top poll ewes in the stud and his lambs are showing the same excellent skins and survivability as their sire.  We have just marked 132 lambs from the 100 ewes mated and the lambs look to be the top of our 2014 drop. Look out for the first sons of Jet Star in our 2015 ram sale!!

After his great success in our breeding program Jet Star was entered in 2016 merino lifetime productivity trial at Harrow - This trial is using 25 rams, with industry link sires and the best genetics from SA, Vic, NSW, Tas and WA.  Jet Star's progeny have the highest percentage of tops at +26% and the second lowest percentage of culls at -6% at the yearling visual classing.