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2017 Hannaton Newsletter

our 2017 newsletter keeping you all up to date with whats happening at Hannaton is available now

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Hannaton Merinos Open Day

We are having an open day on Tuesday the 1st of August and would love you all to come

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2012 Sale Team

Top quality rams from front ....

to back!!

Selling 5 Poll Merino Rams
Inspection Monday 6th August
Sale Tuesday 7th August 2012

Sale Team

Lot 1 Hannaton 11-045

Sire - Hannaton Specialist 

Micron-18.6    SD-3    CV-16.1    CF-100    Curv-50    SF-17.4   

Lot 2 Hannaton 11-016 

Sire - Ridgeway 1137

Micron-20.5    SD-3.1    CV-15.1    CF-99.4    Curv-52    SF-19.1   

Lot 3 Hannaton 11-003 *DNA Test Double Copy Poll*

Sire - Leahcim 563

Micron-20.3    SD-3.6    CV-17.7    CF-99.5    Curv-52    SF-19.2   

Lot 4 Hannaton 11-011 *DNA Test Double Copy Poll*

Sire - Leahcim 438

Micron-17.4    SD-2.6    CV-14.9    CF-99.8    Curv-53    SF-16.2   

Lot 5 Hannaton 11-047 

Sire - Leahcim 438

Micron-17.4   SD-2.4    CV-13.8    CF-99.7    Curv-56    SF-16.0