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NextGen Agri - Farm Fit Ewe Workshop

We recently hosted Darren Gordon & Mark Ferguson from NextGen Agri for the latest on ewe management and breeding

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Hamilton Sheepvention

2015 Hamilton Sheepvention

Offering 5 Poll Merino Rams
Inspection Monday 3rd August
Sale Tuesday 4th August 2015

Below are lot 219, 216 & 218 showing their excellent front feet and chests










 This year's sale team may be the best we have ever offered, with exceptional wools and frames on all 5 rams. We are particularly excited about the first sons of Hannaton 12-0046 "Jet Star" to be sold, with his progeny looking fantastic. A ram that has been getting a lot of attention from many good judges is Lot 219. This ram was intended to be retained at the stud as a sire but with the interest in him we have decided to offer him at Hamilton.  We believe he is without fault and we invite anyone to come and inspect him before the sale or at Hamilton Sheepvention.  He stands perfectly on his feet, with a great barrel and wide chest. He has a fantastic constitution combined with a dense nourished wool on a free skin.  We think he is something very special and well worth a look.  


These rams also show their impressive frames from behind 










Sale Team

Lot  216 Hannaton 14-0107

Sire - Hannaton 12-0046

Micron- 21.2    SD-3.5    CV-16.5    CF-99.6    Curv-49    SF-19.9

Lot 217 Hannaton 14-0715

Sire - Hannaton 12-0023

Micron-17.3    SD-2.7    CV-15.6    CF-99.6    Curv-57    SF-16.1

Lot 218 Hannaton 14-0224

Sire - Hannaton 12-0029

Micron-20.0    SD-2.5    CV-12.5    CF-99.8    Curv-52    SF-18.3

Lot 219 Hannaton 14-0134 *Replacement*

Sire - Hannaton 12-0046

Micron-18.9    SD-2.7    CV-14.3    CF-99.9    Curv-47    SF-17.5

Lot 220 Hannaton 14-0022

Sire - Hannaton 11-0011

Micron-20.2   SD-3.5    CV-17.3    CF-99.7    Curv-43    SF-19.1